NITREX INC. – Indiana Operations

Heat Treating Services

Our Indiana Operations provide Heat Treating Services

in the Indianapolis area and beyond

NITREX INC. – Indiana Operations

Indiana Corporation

350 Blue Chip Court
Franklin, IN 46131

Contact: Sam Jackins
Tel: +1 317 346 7700
Fax: +1 317 346 7704

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Heat Treating Indianapolis

Indiana Operations – Indianapolis region – Heat treating services

Heat Treating Equipment & Processes

Our heat treating equipment is organized in three groups, as described below, with auxiliary equipment scattered strategically through the plant.

Gas Nitriding and Plasma Nitriding

With eight nitriding systems, ranging in size from 12”dia x 16” (Ø30cm x 40cm) to 41”dia x 65” (Ø1.0m x 1.7m), we generally specialize in small and medium size loads, up to 6000 lb. The equipment is capable of running the following processes: Nitreg®, Nitreg®-C, Nitreg®-S, ONC®, and Nano-S™. Furthermore, we operate three plasma (ion) nitriding furnaces. Some of such processing methods are described in detail under Modern Surface Treatments.

Vacuum Heat Treating

Two of our four vacuum furnaces have gas quench capability, while in the other two we quench with oil. Our equipment is used for vacuum treating (“Vacuum Treatments”) as well as vacuum carburizing (“Modern Surface Treatments”).

Conventional Heat Treating

Two atmosphere furnaces are used for carburizing, carbonitriding, conventional quench, and other related processes (“Conventional Heat Treatments”).

Additional Services

Auxiliary Capabilities

The plant offers various supplementary capabilities that are linked with its core processes, such as tempering, cryogenic freezing, sandblasting, straightening. Various forms of annealing, stress relief or precipitation hardening is performed with or without protective atmospheres, as desired by our customers. Some of these techniques are described under “Other Treatments”.


Our lab is fully equipped for sample preparation and metallographic evaluations.


We have the ability to pick up and deliver small and medium-sized loads within approximately 150 mile diameter circle that includes Indianapolis and Columbus, IN. Furthermore, we cultivate relationships with multiple trucking companies that provide excellent and affordable service throughout the US. Our facility is only 30 miles from the Indianapolis Airport and it is very easy to get to by car via I-65.


We have maintained AS9100, ISO and NADCAP approvals in good standing for many years.