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Our Michigan Operations provide Heat Treating Services

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NITREX INC. – Michigan Operations

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822 Kim Dr., P.O. Box 155
Mason, MI 48854

Contact: Rick Lucas
Tel: +1 517 676 6370
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Heat Treating Michigan

Michigan Operations – Lansing region – Heat treating services


Since it opened for business in 1995, Nitrex – Michigan has proven to be one of the most technically advanced specialized heat treating plants in the world. It was the first facility in the US to adopt the Nitreg® group of nitriding methods and has since continued its original approach of developing mastery in nitriding only. The range of processing options that this plant offers in that regard is extraordinary, as can be seen in the photographs and descriptions on this page.

Equipment & Processes

Gas Nitriding & Plasma Nitriding

The plant offers a complete range of furnace sizes from 16”dia x 35” (Ø40cm x 90cm) to a cuboid giant whose work zone measures 8.5 feet x 17 feet x 7 feet (2.6m x 5.2m x 2.1m) with a weight capacity of 55,000 lb (25,000 kg) per load.

What is fundamentally important is that the giant furnace is not just a large box with heaters and a pipe for ammonia. It is rather a fully engineered installation with extraordinary capabilities, superb temperature uniformity – better than +/- 6 °F (+/- 3.3 °C), and a state-of-the-art control system.

The various gas nitriding systems are capable of running the following processes: Nitreg®, Nitreg®-C, Nitreg®-S, ONC®, and Nano-S™. The plant also has expertise in plasma nitriding (ion nitriding) and it currently has one such furnace in service. Most of nitriding technologies are described in some detail under “Modern Surface Treatments”

Additional Services

Auxiliary Capabilities

The plant offers limited supplementary capabilities that are linked with its core processes, such as tempering, sandblasting, or stress-relieving.


Our lab is equipped with sample preparation and evaluation equipment which includes a fully automatic microhardness tester, capable of running multiple profiles and saving all results.


We have the ability to pick up and deliver small, medium and some larger loads within approximately 300 mile diameter circle that includes most of Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. Furthermore, we cultivate relationships with multiple trucking companies that provide excellent and affordable service throughout the US. Our facility is only 14 miles from downtown Lansing and it is very easy to get to by car via Freeway 127.


We have maintained ISO and TS (and previously QS) approvals in good standing for many years.