NITREX INC. – Nevada Operations

(Nevada Corporation)

NITREX INC. – Nevada Operations

201 E. Mayflower Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Contact: Joe Beal
Tel: +1 702 399 1554
Fax: +1 702 639 3819

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Nevada Operations – Heat Treating


Nitrex – Nevada opened for business in January 2009 and it aims to be the best heat treat shop in the South-West. We are located in a custom-built new facility in North Las Vegas, with a view of the surrounding hills, and in close proximity to Freeway 15. Large sums of money and a lot of time are spent to install the best possible equipment and set up the best possible practices. The plant will offer a great variety of processing capabilities with a firm objective to tackle the most technically challenging products.

Equipment & Processes

Our equipment is organized in three groups, as described below, with auxiliary equipment scattered strategically through the plant.


The group currently comprises three cylindrical, vertically loaded furnaces with work-zones measuring 63”dia x 98” (Ø1.6m x 2.5m), 47”dia x 126” (Ø1.2m x 3.2m), and 30”dia x 36” (Ø0.8m x 0.9m). The equipment is capable of running the following processes: Nitreg®, Nitreg®-C, Nitreg®-S, ONC®, and Nano-S™. Processing methods are described in detail under “Modern Surface Treatments”. We comply with AMS 2759/10 and AMS 2759/12.

Nevada Operations – Heat Treating


Our vacuum furnace with integral oil quench capability has a work-zone of 24” x 36” x18” (0.6m x 0.9m x 0.45m), and can vacuum treat (“Vacuum Treatments”) as well as vacuum carburize (“Modern Surface Treatments”) loads up to 1000 lb. Depending on customers’ requirements we plan to install additional vacuum furnace with gas quench capabilities.


One atmosphere furnace with 1500 lb (680 kg) load capacity is already installed. We are using it to run carburizing, carbonitriding, conventional quench, and other related processes (“Conventional Heat Treatments”). The furnace is equipped with a modern control system designed by Process Electronic, allowing us to optimize each process to a higher degree than had been previously possible.

Additional Services

Auxiliary Capabilities

The plant offers various supplementary capabilities that are linked with its core processes, such as tempering, cryogenic freezing, sandblasting, straightening. Various forms of annealing, stress relief or precipitation hardening is performed with or without protective atmospheres, as desired by our customers. Some of these techniques are described under “Other Treatments”.


Our lab is equipped with sample preparation and evaluation equipment which includes a fully automatic microhardness tester, capable of running multiple profiles and saving all results. We also have a salt spray cabinet allowing us to perform salt spray testing in accordance with ASTM-117B specification.


We have the ability to pick up and deliver small loads within the Greater Las Vegas area. Furthermore, we cultivate relationships with multiple trucking companies that provide excellent and affordable service throughout the US. Las Vegas is a surprisingly easy place to reach.


Nitrex-Nevada is a new facility working towards AS9100, ISO and NADCAP approvals. Our schedule calls for a completion of the above by late 2009.