Offering a wide range of surface & heat treating as well as other complementary services such as engineering & manufacturing.

  • Age/ Precipitation Hardening
    Age or Precipitation Hardening (also Aging) is a change in material properties (generally hardening) effected by holding parts at moderately elevated temperatures, without any change in the chemistry of the alloy.

  • Austenitizing
    Austenitizing is a process designed to induce the formation of austenite on the alloy.

  • Annealing – Conventional
    The main purpose of Annealing is to soften the metal. This process is used as one of the preliminary heat treating operations or as a rescue procedure when a hardening or tempering cycle fails to meet the specification requirement and one has to start over.

  • Annealing –Vacuum
    The process is virtually identical to conventional annealing, except, as is usually the case, this premium quality Vacuum Annealing method protects the components’ surfaces from chemical reactions with gases present in the atmospheres present in the conventional process.